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Am I updating my livejournal?

Why yes... yes I am.

More to come after I move into this monstrosity of a house.
Hello from Dubai!

Just got back from snowboarding in the Mall of the Emirates. I wiped out a ton, but at least I looked cool doing it! (who wouldn't look cool plummeting down an ice mountain at a hundred miles an hour with their feet strapped to a plank of wood?!)

odi et amo

Odi et amo. Quare id faciam fortasse requiris.
      Nescio, sed fieri sentio, et excrucior.
                                                             -Catullus 85

I hate and I love. Why do I do this, you perhaps ask?
I know not, but I feel it happening and am tormented.

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Spent most of November in the middle of the Atlantic, doing horrific amounts of mind-breaking work, so I only managed about 20,000 words on my NaNoWriMo. Guess that's better than nothing.

Got a similarly sized SPN fic, surprisingly. Don't know what possessed me. But, you know, I'm always a sucker for the apocalypse, and it was such a good idea when I thought of it...

Right. At home now. There's snow and not a whole lot to do. I've been sleeping in ridiculous amounts lately. It's fantastic. I do nothing all day. I watch TV shows. Watched all of Leverage, in fact, which I found to be very quaint and enjoyable and I'll probably write a short and sweet little case!fic for it. Caught up on all of Bones as well. Should probably start buying some Christmas presents. Should probably start amassing entertainment for my upcoming stay in prison.


[fic] All These Choices That I Have Made

Title: All These Choices That I Have Made
Author: odi_amo

Tony, Rhodes, Pepper
Language. Torture.
A/N: Not really related to All These Places That I Have Gone, but I'm lazy with naming mechanisms and I guess they're on a similar tangent.  Little shots of here and there, some post-movie stuff, Tony-Rhodes interaction, a grad speech...

Maybe that's my legacy. The epitaph of the grave I've dug myself.Collapse )


Okay, you guys. I'm gonna do it this year.

I'm gonna finish NaNoWriMo.

Who's with me?! Officially looking for writing buddies~ <3


Saw Zombieland, which I probably only liked because, hey, it's zombies.

I live in my own house now. It's a better state of living than the past... three years or so, so I really have no right to complain, so I'm not going to.

Finally watched Supernatural, which I'd heard of, but never got around to viewing. Saw all four seasons out on DVD, and streamed what's aired for season 5 on the internet.

I like. Kind of superficial - they touch on some things, and I'm always thinking, they could go somewhere with this, but they kinda hover around the edges of it, then retreat. Wasted potential, it seems, but when you look at the audience it must be geared towards, you kind of understand.

I get that Dean and Sam are supposed to, like, be super hot. Posters on some pre-teen's wall somewhere, but I think I'm getting bored with beautiful people. So what that they're good looking - It's fucking television, almost everyone is good looking. It's so common-place that it doesn't even mean anything anymore. So, you know, I tend to like characters based on their... well, character. I like Dean better than I like Sam because my whole life is my family, everything I do and think and feel defined by it, so I like Dean because that's how he rolls and I can relate. I don't like Sam because he's a whiny little bitch, and he's weak for all the wrong reasons.

So yeah. I'll probably keep watching, up until I deuce on deployment again. Makes me wish I had someone who'd pirate that shit for me and mail it when I'm gone. I'm telling you, current episodes of TV series are like fucking gold over there. I've bartered some ridiculous shit just to watch two months worth of shows I'd missed. Don't get me wrong, chilling in the Gulf is, you know, hella fun (/sarcasm), but all the stuff you miss.... dumb shit, like the internet, email, tv shows you like, calling people to keep in touch. Fast food, grocery stores, coffee. Six months stuck in the same 10x10 steel cage that doubles as your office watching the same stuff on DVD you've seen a million times... ugh. I can't believe I'm doing that god damn trip again. We just got fucking back!

I fucking hate the Gulf. It's hot and disgusting and the ports suck and I get to spend six months trying to sleep with F18s landing two decks above my head and stuck in a fucking prison with the same god damn people day in and day out, working a twelve on twelve off shift every day for weeks and weeks and months and you never, ever get a god damn break...

I need a new job. Christ, just thinking about doing all of that shit again...

Fuck this. I'm going to write something.

Aug. 27th, 2009

Starting to wade through all the stuff I wrote while I was gone. Half a year, that stuff accumulates. A lot of Iron Man, a few dashes of One Piece, one nolan!verse Batman. A couple originals.

Only one Iron Man I intended on posting. Went through it today, started to fix it up. I hate proof-reading my crap. Such a chore. I liked the piece, though. Still kinda fragmented, got work on which pieces fit in where.

Finished watching all the episodes of There Will Be Brawl. FUCKING HILARIOUS. Especially Captain Falcon and Pit. "I may have held mercy for you... but there is only one fist that will bruise the face of my angel" ....god, priceless.

For those of you who have not seen the glory that is the live action adventures of the characters from Super Smash Brothers Brawl in a dark drama about murder and corruption, I direct you to There Will Be Brawl.

Driving back in a couple hours. Ugh. Such a long drive..

There Will Be Brawl

Well, back from Alaska. My legs/feet are currently inop from an eight mile hike through the Alaskan wilderness. Because, really, who wants to turn back? WHAT'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT MOUNTAIN?! These questions must be answered.

So, resting. Yesterday was my birthday, apparently. I actually forgot, until I landed at O'Hare and looked at my watch. Oh, hey. It's my birthday. Fun.

SHITTY birthday. Didn't do anything. Missed my fucking flight connection in O'Hare because nobody on the face of this earth could tell me what gate my flight left from, and apparently I landed about half an hour before my next flight took off, so unless I had known EXACTLY where I was going and I ran like I was being chased by zombies, there was no way in hell I was making that flight.

Oh well. This really upset me for some reason, 'cause my flight out of Alaska had left at 11 at night, and it was then nine o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep on airplanes (I can sleep with F-18s landing two decks above my head, can't sleep in a quiet ass dark plane, go figure) so I was tired as hell, running all over this airport trying to find anything Northwest. Apparently they own, like, three gates in one terminal WAY the hell in the back. And my flight was on the ONE Northwest monitor I could find, but there was no gate listed, and it wasn't on my boarding pass because it was printed out my the Alaska Airlines people...

Awful. Made a nice, polite explanation to the ladies at the gate for the next Detroit flight out I could find, dropped a military ID (sometimes this career can be vaguely helpful), they got me on the flight for no charge, which was fortunate for them, because I'm pretty sure I know how to kill someone with a pen, and I was definitely in a mood...

Got home later in the afternoon. Slept. Parents woke me up just before eight for some dinner. My little brother was there. Haven't seen him since... last Christmas? February? Can't remember. Been awhile. A long while. That fucks with me, sometimes. He's my fucking brother. And this god damn fucking job of mine... agh. Ate some dinner (crabcakes, yessss). Had some bday cake (cheesecake). I try to convince my parents not to buy me anything, but since all my shit burned down in that apartment fire and everything I own can fit neatly and pathetically in my car, they did that whole parent guilt thing they do and bought me a replacement TV. Which makes me feel guilty for some unfathomable reason. Can't stand it when my parents spend money on me. But I guess it's a good thing they bought me one. Saves me the trouble of finding one for myself. I can't shop for things like TVs and fridges and microwaves and dvd players and expensive stuff like that. I'll just stare at everything for an hour and then give up. No commitment to the process...

Yeah. Dinner ended. It was late, everyone went to bed. I couldn't sleep, but now that I'm done typing this I'm feeling pretty tired, so... sleep.

Probably get around to describing Alaska trip some other time.

So, I'm in Alaska right now, climbing mountains and stuff. Alaska is awesome. There's no one around, there's just nature and mountains and stuff. I love it.